Master PMU Trainer Creating an Army of Elite Tattooists.
Perth, WA

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Want to be highly sought after as the best in the industry?
If so, Rachel Lavelle Academy can equip you with the skills to become a tattooing star and take your career to incredible heights

Are you ready to level up your brow game and build your own empire?

My goal was to be the go-to place for all things beauty and brows and to be a leader in the industry. To master techniques that other therapists didn't do. And to create a safe space, where people could go and feel secure in the therapist's skill. 

And now it's my pleasure to pass my skills on to you. With our wide range of cosmetic tattoo courses, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for - and take the leap into being trained by the best in the biz!

I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my dreams into reality.

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also known as the 'Become a Cosmetic Tattoo Queen' course! 👑


If you want to learn everything - and why wouldn’t you – then our 6 day course will make you a fully booked-out cosmetic tattooist.
Rachel and her team are here to train you in the latest cutting-edge techniques and offer ongoing support, so you are set for success.

And, as a student of Rachel Lavelle, you’ll learn signature techniques unique to us.
We have trained with the world’s leading tattoo artists, like Brow Daddy and Illusion Luxe, bringing you the latest methods and giving you an edge over other cosmetic tattooists.

We will also teach you the fundamentals of starting a business and marketing advice so you can be ready to launch your own successful brow empire.

AND we’ve got you covered with ongoing student support for 6 months after you complete your training with us. We truly want you to succeed!

If you are ready to be a booked-out, highly sought-after cosmetic tattooist, make some serious money, then this is the course for you.

we've trained some of the best

AE Studio

Olive & July

Ellie Dunne Collective

Ella Bache Sydney

Here's the 411

Offering small intimate classes for two students only, you will get plenty of one-on-one time with Rachel and her team.
One-on-one classes are available on request; however, extra fees apply.

You'll also receive a professional tattoo kit full of the highest-quality industry-grade equipment used by tattoo experts worldwide.
And after the completion of your class you’ll receive 6 months of direct support from Rachel and her team to really grow that business!

We offer interest-free payment plans so that you can learn now and pay later, with repayments of as little as $55 per week*




A career that has unlimited earning potential!

· Feather Touch/Microblading Tattoo
· Ombre Machine Powder Brow Tattoo
· Nano Hair Stroke Tattoo
· Lip Blush & Ombre Lip Tattoo
· Marketing recommendations & business set-up advice
· Nationally accredited infection control (delivered by TAFE online).
· Rachel Lavelle Certificate in all 4 courses.
· Ongoing support for 6 months
· Intimate small classes of 2 students

course inclusions

Ella Bache


The latest must have in the beauty industry 💋

Ready for your client to permanently look like she has the most gorgeous lipstick on as she rolls out of bed each morning.
Rachel Lavelle Lip Blush Certificate gives you the skills to create full-colour lip blush tattoos that will bring you those rave reviews every beauty expert seeks

Are you a beginner?

Then our 4 Day Ombre Lip Blush Tattoo Course is for you! Priced at $4,999 with interest free payment plans available so you can start that business now and pay as you go.

already experienced in cosmetic tatooing?

You can enrol in our ‘Experienced 1 Day Lip Blush Tattoo Upskill’ class for just $1,990.

You'll receive
· Ongoing support once the class finishes - no ghosting here!
· Business Setup/Marketing Advice
· Practice On 3 Live Models over 4 full days of hands-on learning

course inclusions


nano brow course

Do you want to offer your clients the latest in innovative techniques?

Nano Brow, Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation and Powder brow tattoo is a safe and precise technique, taking cosmetic brow tattoo to the next level.
Nano tattoo is a revolutionary method that creates realistic hairs that blend in with natural brows using a state-of-the-art Rotary PMU machine.


creating that fluffy hair stroke look everyone loves but with minimal damage.

We use a fine needle that replicates real hair and blends with our signature stroking technique, ensuring minimum trauma to the skin. Microblading pens can give your client similar results but can be a painful experience and should only safely be performed twice.


You can learn the Rachel Lavelle Nano brow tattoo & soft powder/ombre brow tattoo techniques all in one class with no prior training.

course benefits

kit inclusions

· A Rotary Tattoo Machine
· Cartridges
· Lip gloss applicators
· Ring cups & holder
· Stencils
· Callipers

· Permablend Pigments
· Latex Skin Practice Mat
· Professional Brow Pencil
· Grip tape
· Ring cup holder
· Measuring sticker ruler

· Nationally Accredited Infection Training delivered through North Metro TAFE

Australia’s most generous tattoo kit

· Ongoing student support, providing you with further guidance and advice when needed
· Access to our private Facebook group
· Business set up advice
· Marketing recommendations
· Pro tips for taking quality images
for your portfolio



Or for experienced tattooists, complete our two day upskill course for just $2,999

Are you ready to learn the most up-to-date techniques with Perth’s ONLY Nano Hair Stroke & Ombre Shading course?

ombre powder brow TATTOO COURSE

Give your clients the perfect brow 😍

Create a stunning ‘I woke up like this’ look for your clients.
Ombre powder brow tattoo is the future of eyebrow tattoos and is the most sought-after technique.
The ombre effect creates beautiful, filled-in brows that will be the ultimate game changer for your client's morning routine.

· Tattoo theory
· Health & Safety
· Pigment education
· Correct Machine techniques
· Marketing advice
· Tattoo consultation forms included

what you will learn


In this course, you will learn Rachel Lavelle’s pixel-perfect technique that she has developed and perfected over many years within the cosmetic tattoo & beauty industry.

And, as a small class of only 2 students, you are the full focus of Rachel & her team. You will tattoo multiple live models, with Rachel guiding you every step of the way.

· Colour blending theory
· Needle education
· Latex skin practice
· Business set-up advice
· IG Influencer collaboration advice
· Work on 3 live models


Interest-free payment plans are available from as little as $55 per week.

What are you waiting for?

A skill that will pay itself off in months is only a click away!

feather touch brow tattoo course

Did someone say fluffy, textured and realistic brows 👏🏻

No experience needed! ~ Did I get your attention?


With no prerequisites, this two-day (with two days of pre-study) course is designed for beginners who want to hit the ground running.

Armed with our detailed manual, hands-on practical training, and world-class pigments and equipment, you will have the leading edge in this highly lucrative industry. And the confidence to make it happen.

With many years of experience, Rachel has perfected her signature feather touch technique, creating the most realistic, perfectly styled brows for every face or eye shape. She now passes on her knowledge and expertise to her students, delivering brow tattoo training in a small group environment to ensure students receive individualised attention, guidance and mentoring.

As Australia's premiere feather touch brow tattoo trainer, Rachel has trained some of the biggest names in the beauty industry. 

Students we've trained:

❣️Ella Bache (NSW)
❣️Zubia’s Threading (WA)
❣️Laser Clinics Australia (SA)
❣️Hair Free Centre (WA)
❣️Powerbrows Perth (WA)
❣️Olive and July (Subiaco)
❣️AE Studio (WA)
❣️Ellie Dunne collective (WA).

Now is the time to enrol as there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of cosmetic tattooing, and the earning potential is huge. The industry average is approximately $600 per tattoo client.

At this price, you could earn well over $100,000+ per year while working minimal hours doing something you LOVE.

The course includes two days pre-study + two days of training at the Rachel Lavelle Academy in South Perth.

Interest free payment plans available.

· A highly respected Rachel Lavelle training certificate.
· A nationally accredited unit - Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration (provided by metro TAFE)
· Lifetime support via email or phone, giving you guidance and advice when needed.
· Access to our private Facebook support group.
· Business set up advice
· Marketing recommendations
· Pro tips for taking quality pictures

you'll receive

with only a $3,799 investment.

Build your dream career

That’s right, you can start making money and build your dream career in only four days.

Dual Certificate Tattoo Course

Want to get ahead of the beauty game?

Become a diverse and highly skilled cosmetic brow boss with our new Dual Certificate Tattoo Course - the perfect gateway into brow tattooing.
Rachel Lavelle Lip Blush Certificate gives you the skills to create full-colour lip blush tattoos that will bring you those rave reviews every beauty expert seeks

Feather Touch and Ombre Machine tattoo methods at a heavily discounted price.
You’ll also receive a luxury tattoo kit and a digital tattoo machine to perfect your brow tattooing skills at home.

· 6 months support and guidance from Rachel and the team
· Business Set-Up/Marketing Advice to help you grow your empire
· Practice On 3 Live Models over 4 full days of hands-on learning

bonus inclusions


The 4 Day Feather Touch + Ombre Powder Brow Tattoo dual certificate course is the perfect way to kick start your career in the cosmetic tattooing industry.

You’ll learn manual microblading (also known as Feather Touch Tattoo) and Ombre Pixel Powder Brow using the most up-to-date and innovative techniques to set you apart from your competitors.


you will learn

This course will ensure you become a successful

investment: $6,599

Interest-free payment plans available from just $55 per week

The training you need to become a leading expert is just a click away!

SO, What are you waiting for?

I can't wait to book my next course!

Not only is Rachel very informative and helpful, the classes were intimate with only 4 students so it felt like we were a little family supporting each other! It was a pleasure learning from Rachel and to have the ongoing support from her as I navigate my way through starting my own little business.


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Rachel and her team are experts in their field!

The training day was well organised, and great value for money with lots of payment plan options.
I will definitely be back to continue my training with Rachel Lavelle Professional.
Thank you RPL xx 100% recommend x


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Rachel is a wealth of knowledge

Rachel was thorough and patient, and in turn instilled a huge amount of confidence in me. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to learn through the Rachel Lavelle Academy and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to pursue this career. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to gain further training in this industry!

amelia b.

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The post training support was incredbile!

I completed the double cert in Cosmetic Tattooing with Rachel a year ago now and the continued follow up support she has given to me has been so incredibly amazing. Rachel is a fantastic trainer and is very approachable with any questions along the way. Can't wait to apply for more upskilling schools with her in the future. 


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Master PMU Trainer Creating an Army of Elite Tattooists.
Perth, WA

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